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No Income Tax - Is This a Good Thing? - Who pays the bills in Florida?

Money Games - What I do on a typical Monday...

Falling Wages - What the stats say and my own way of measuring.

The Job Interview Answers in Your Head - What to say and what to keep to yourself.

Flying El Cheapo Airlines - Why does cheap have to come with deception?

My Accidental Participation in Democracy - A partially-true story.

How to Make $2 per Hour Writing - Or how to avoid that situation.

Tree Frog's Big Adventure - A true story.

My Current Income Sources - April, 2014.

I Made $2.71 per Hour - Temp work is not so great.

Working for the One Percent in Florida - My experience with alligators and the rich.

What Do You Owe to Your Family? - The second installment in my Uncommon Questions Series.

Far-Right Republicans Taint the Whole Party - My most recent example.

My Skeptical Look at Jury Duty - And duties in general...

Higher Tax Rates on the Rich - Here is a strong argument.

Is Non-Conformity a Mental Disorder? - It is now, according to "science."

Why Can't Soldiers Quit Their Jobs? - I start a new series based on rare questions.

Flood Zones, Condo Life, and Politics - My story and opinion.

Weapons of Moral Hypocrisy - Why does the US have chemical weapons?

The Richest in the World? - It isn't the United States, and here's why.

Unethical Employers - Examples and remedies are offered.

The Politics of Personal Responsibility - What is done in your name?

Widening Income and Wealth Gap - Possible causes that are overlooked.

Morbid Math Report - How many people die while...

Start Where You Are - Read an inspiring story from India.

Our Local Newspaper - What it says about the town and people.

Context - Why it matters so much.

Steve's Latest News - What's up as of December 2012?

Taxing the Middle Class - How the system makes it tough to get ahead.

Why Vote? - My opinions on the November charade.

Why Write? - My own answer.

What Is the Value of Labor - More questions than answers.

Thoughts About Money - Eight of them.

Thoughts on Disabilities - The practicality of making a barrier-free society.

Living Cheap in Naples - Part two of my tips and tricks for a frugal Florida life.

What Does Google Want? - The master of the internet is punishing honest quality.

Taking Surveys for Money - My experiences.

Are We Less Violent? - My thoughts, along with Steven Pinker's.

Doing What Works - It doesn't work?

Cheap Living in Naples, Florida - Our experiences and tips.

Can We Be Born Again? - An atheistic answer in the affirmative.

Public Funding of Religion? - Why I'm against Obama's programs.

Televison and Radio Interviews for Authors - Advice from an author.

Doing Science in the Yard - Studying ants in the backyard.

Republican Socialism - The hypocrites complain.

Author Royalties and Author Copies - Some advice for writers.

Finding the Truth Beyond Words - A look at the traps of language.

Against the Death Penalty - One good argument against this horrible practice.

How to Get Published - Some tips on the many new ways.

Are We All on an Ego Trip? - A look at the evidence before us.

Immigrants and Health Care Costs - Another post that dispels immigration myths.

My New Standing Desk - Working online without sitting...

A Problem With Logical Thinking - Why it isn't enough by itself.

The Adorkist - A short story about a non-believer in the the Great Dork.

Why Are There False Confessions? - The research and what it suggests.

Immigration and Jobs - Some myths and facts.

Give Until it Hurts? - Or is pain a sign that one has given too much?

The Spread of Pathogenic Ideas - An essay and some research notes.

The Protectorbot in Our Minds - A story about fear.

Immigration Facts and Myths - Dispelling misinformation...

Wise Giving - Thoughts on how to do it.

Another Radio Interview - About the book 101 Weird Ways to Make Money.

We Avoid the Truth - How and why.

Some Thoughts to Ponder - Six interesting ones.

A Lack of Self Control? - What is the cause?

Everyone Is Wrong - Even when they are right?

100 Years of Changes - Some amazing statistics.

Who is the Puppet Master? - An excerpt from Beyond Mental Slavery.

Free Chapter on Bounty Hunting - From 101 Weird Ways to Make Money.

Three Tips for Writers - Based on the author's experience.

The Thousand Mile Hole - Steve Gillman's latest book on thinking.

Discrimination Against Atheists - In the United States and elsewhere.

Is It Arrogant to Think for Yourself? - Or more arrogant to have others think for you?

Google Gave Up - Commentary on the Penguin update.

Gay Jesus Has Been Published! - The first in the "At Your Own Risk Series."

What About Marriage and Immigration? - A follow-up to my essay on eliminating marriage.

Blue Snake is Published! - My latest book of essays.

Do I Love This Country? -A look at what it means to love a country.

Sky Child is Available - This is publication announcement and description of the book.

Radical Welfare Reform - A follow-up to the essay in Sky Child

The Search Engine Problem - Why all algorithms will fail in some way.

Old Posts - From 2009, 2010, and 2011.

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